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WTCH Airborne's Throw It Back At Ya RN HTAdsc HXAsc HTDIIIsc HRDIIIs
Resides in Arkansas

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HC Airborne's Catch the Vibe With Solstice AX OAJ NF HXAdsc ATDds OTDc JS-O GS-E RS-O
Resides in Arkansas


AKC/UKC  CH Solstice Nuclear Supernova NA NAJ RE CGC RS-E GS-O JS-E RATI JHD
Resides in North Carolina
Available for Stud


Solstice May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor AX AXJ NF RN RS-E GS-O JS-E-OP TKA FCAT CGC DNA-CP
Resides in Virginia


Solstice Airborne Reason To Believe HSAds STDcs OTDd
Resides in California


Solstice Airborne Mesmerized @ Tropics CD RE BN ACT2 ACTJ2 TKE CGC
Resides in Florida


Solstice My Way At Airborne NA NAJ CDX TD RA  TKN  JS-N AD 
Resides in Pennsylvania


Solstice Airborne Wild and Vast Great One TKA GS-E JS-N AKC/ASCA RN BCAT
Resides in Texas


Solstice Airborne Otter This World FCAT CA TKA CGC
Resides in NC

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