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2024 Titles Earned by Solstice Dogs


1/24 Glee earns her AXJ (Agility excellent jumpers)

1/24 Taco earns her MJC (Masters Century Jumpers)

1/24 Chili earns his RAT-O (Open barn hunt)

1/24 Synergy earns her NA (Novice Standard) and NF (Novice Fast) titles

Reef rally_edited.jpg

1/24 Reef earns his ASCA RN


2/24 Rebel earns his RAT-I and RAT-N with a high in class

Fuego Ratn.jpg

2/24 Fuego earns his RAT-N

paddy ratn.jpg

2/24 Paddington earns his RAT-N

Glee AX.jpg

2/24 Glee earns her AX


2/24 Aerie earns her MXB

Chili RATS.jpg

2/24 Chili earns his RAT-S


2/24 Tyme earns his AX

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