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Our litters are well researched and planned far in advance.  Our goal is to combine sound structure with drive and biddability.
Proper temperaments are very important.  We strive to breed Australian Shepherds that have good work ethic, but
are great companions in the home. Health is of utmost priority, all of our sires and dams are screened for health
problems and have OFA testing done. Pedigrees are very important, and we strive to find the cleanest pedigrees
(free from epilepsy and cancer).  For this reason, homes will be carefully screened. Our hope is to place all
puppies in a home where they are pets first and teammates second. Performance homes will receive priority.

Puppies will start their life with Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. They will be exposed to
many sights and  sounds throughout their weeks with me. We also follow Puppy Culture program.  Puppies are
exposed to agility and obedience equipment, ducks and sheep. Puppies are also exposed to airplanes, fireworks,
gunshots,and  other loud and obnoxious noises. We expose them to "walkabouts" around our farm, where
they come in contact with all types of animals. We make sure they meet multiple people during their time with us,
including children.

We do herding instinct testing at 7 and 8 weeks.

We also do barn hunt instinct testing.

We use the AVIdog temperament test.


Puppies will go home having received OFA eye exams, veterinarian health exams, their first set
of vaccines, fecal float testing, microchip, and dewormings. They are sent with AKC and ASCA registration papers. 

 I send all of my puppies home with: food, toys, toy box, treats, bones, collars, blanket with littermate/mom scent, binder with all health information and lots of information on Australian Shepherds, plus much more.

We strive to send home a well adjusted and healthy puppy. We begin leash, crate and clicker training. 

Prices for puppies are $2500.00, regardless of color or sex. Performance homes will get a discounted price and priority.

Conformation/breeding prospects are done by private contract. Almost all of our intact puppies leave on a co-own, which may be lifted once health testing and contractual obligation is fulfilled.  
Please do not ask for a puppy according to color. I strive to match the right puppy with the right home. While new
owner's preferences are taken into account, there are many factors I look at when placing a puppy.

For more information or questions regarding our puppies:

Fall 2024
Contact via email for availability
 All colors possible



Solstice Tickled Red Bi Pacific


Multiple Group Placer AKC

USASA Specialty AOM

OFA Good/ Elbows Normal

Clear Paw Prints Genetic Panel


AKC/ASCA CH Vinelake's Shake On It DNA-CP

OFA Good/Elbows Normal

Clear Paw Prints Genetic Panel


Fall 2024
All colors possible (likely all bi colored)
Email for availability




Solstice May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor AX AXJ NF RN JS-E-OP RS-E GS-O FCAT TKA ATT DNA-CP

OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

Clear Paw Prints Genetics Panel

AKC GRCH ASCA CH Pacific's On Point at Laurelhills DNA-VP

OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

Clear Paw Prints Genetic Panel

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